1. Location and name

It is an uninhabited skerry to the north of the bay of Milos, opposite cape Kerdari. It is called also Arkadia, Megali Arkadia (“Large Arkadia”) or Akradia. Mikri Arkadia (“Small Arkadia”) is located to the west. Both skerries have become known by the name Akradies (plural for Akradia).

2. Environment and monuments

The island belongs to the South Aegean volcanic arc. Its bedrock –mostly at the southwestern part– has been deeply eroded by sea waves, whereas the 1925 earthquake caused very deep cracks. Its flora is comprised mostly by brushwood.

Remains of Late Antiquity buildings have made Arkadio significant for archaeology.

A ministry decision aiming to protect the natural habitat and the cultural heritage of the skerry has declared it an Area of Natural Beauty.

(We thank the Municipality of Milos for the information it provided.)