1. Location and geomorphology

Antipsara, along with other smaller islands, belongs to the Psara island group, located 48 miles west of Chios.

The island can be accessed only from the east and the south, while its northern and western coasts are steep and inaccessible. The fauna of the island is characterized by wild goats and emigrant birds –mostly quails. Antipsara is uninhabited nowadays, as are the other smaller islands of the group. According to surface finds, there is evidence of habitation during the Hellenistic and Roman times. During Ottoman rule the island was used as an anchorage.

2. Antipsara today

Some tourists arrive during the summertime to enjoy the island's magnificent beaches and clean waters. St. John’s small church, near the eastern coast, attracts pilgrims in August.

The island is included in the community network NATURA 2000 as a Special Protection Area (SPA) and has been declared an Important Bird Area of Greece.