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      Σάμος (3/5/2006 v.1) Samos (4/5/2006 v.1)

Author(s) : Landros Christos , Kamara Afroditi , Dawson Maria-Dimitra , Spiropoulou Vaso (10/7/2005)
Translation : Papadaki Irene , Dovletis Onoufrios , Nakas Ioannis , Karioris Panayotis (23/3/2007)

For citation: Landros Christos, Kamara Afroditi, Dawson Maria-Dimitra , Spiropoulou Vaso, "Samos", 2007,
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General Information

Area: 477,942 km2

Coastline length: 163 km

Population: 33.814

Island capital and its population: Samos (6.236)

Administrative structure: Region of North Aegean, Prefecture of Samos, Municipality of Vathy (Capital: Samos, 6.236), Municipality of Karlovasi (Capital: Neo Karlovasi, 5.740), Municipality of Marathokambos (Capital: Marathokambos, 1.329), Municipality of Pythagoreion (Capital: Pythagoreion, 1.327)

Local newspapers: "Charavgi", "Samiakon Vima", "Samiakos Typos", "Samiaki Echo", "Samiaki"

Local radio stations:Plus FM (89.4), Rock 9.35 (93.5), Radio Choros (94.2), Metamorfosis (95.0), Face FM (95.6), Samos FM (97.7), 2000 FM (99.8), Top FM (102.4), Armonia (103.2), Radio Vathy (102 FM)

Local TV stations: TV Samos, Samiaki Tileorasi, TV 7 Samos

Museums: Archaeological Museum of Samos, Archaeological Collection of Pythagoreion, Natural History Museum of the Aegean-Paleontological Museum of Samos-Constantinos and Maria Zimali Foundation, Karlovasi Historical and Folklore Museum, Folklore Museum of the N. Demetriou Foundation, Samos Ecclesiastical Museum, Samian Wine Museum, Pagonda Folklore Museum, Mavratzaioi Historical Museum

Archaeological sites and monuments: The Heraion of Samos (Monument of World Heritage), The tunnel of Eupalinos, Samos war harbour, Archaeological site of Thermae, Basilicas, roman and early christian remains at Pythagoreio, Monastery of Agia Zoni at Vlamari, Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi at Vathy, Lachanas tower and Aga Giannaki tower at Ano Vathy, Complex of three churches at Ano Vathy, Monastery of Panagia Vrontiani at Vourliotes, Monastery of Timios Stavros at Mavratzaioi, Monastery of Megali Panagia at Koumaradaioi, Monastery of Agia Triada at Mytilinoi, Lazarou Fortress at Vourliotes, Loulouda fortress at Vourliotes, Sarakinis tower at Heraion-Myloi, Roman aqueduct, Panagia Spiliani at Pythagoreio, Monastery of Prophet Elias at Karlovasi, Logothetis Lykourgos' tower at Pythyagoreio, Church of Metamorfosis at Pythagoreio, Church of St Nicolas at Potami Karlovasou, Church of Agia Pelagia at Mesaio Karlovasi, Church of St Nicolas Anapliotis at Palaio Karlovasi, Church of St Makarios at Myloi, Church of Birth of Christ at Pagonda, Church of Zoodochos Pigi at Pagondas, Church of St John at Heraion, Church of St John at Paliokastro, Church of Panagitsa Glyfadas at Pythagoreio, Fountain at Koumeika Square, Church of Ierarchs at Spatharaioi, Church of St Athanasios and St Kyrillos at Hydrousa, Church of St Matrona at Paliochori, Fountain at Platanos Square, Church of Panagia Makrini at Kerkis, Samos Central Public Library, Samos Town Hall, Soutos Tobacco Warehouses, Nikolaerizi Tobacco Warehouses, Herman Tobacco Warehouses, Building of Customs House, L. Missir Wine Warehouse at Malagari, The Principality House, Samos Primary School (Euthimiada School), Samos Mavrogeneios School (1902), Samos 1st Primary School (Building of Pythagoreion High School), Building of Samos GAK, Em. Nikolaidis' Mansion, M. Tsesmetzi's Building, Tabakika at Karlovasi

Traditional settlements: Vathy, Vourliotes, Karlovasi, Kastanies, Kokkari, Lekka, Manolates, Marathokambos, Myloi, Pagondas, Spatharaioi

Natural monuments: Nerotrouvias cave, Glyfada wetland habitat, Alyki wetland habitat. The Alyki coast, the Ambelos (Karvounis) mountain, the Kerkis mountain, Mikro and Megalo Seitani, the Kastania forest, the Lekka area and the Katavasi-Limenas cape have been included in the European project "NATURA 2000". Kerkis mountain and Alyki Psilis Ammou have been declared Important Bird Areas of Greece.

Cultural clubs: Samos Cultural Association, Samos Cine-Club, Samos Theatre Group, Society for the Study of Samos "Apoplous, Samos N. Demetrios' Cultural Foundation, Vathy Cultural Association "Kapetan Lachanas", Samos Lyceum of Greek Women, Karlovasi Sport-Cultural Association "Ionikos", Cultural Association of Ormos Neou Karlovasou "Riva", Cultural Association of Mesaio Karlovaso "To Mesaio", Cultural Association of Palaio Karlovaso, Philanthropic Society of Ladies, Kontakaiika Cultural Association "Pythagoras", Hydrousa Cultural Association "Agios Athanasios", Kondeika Cultural Association, Platanos Cultural Association, Leka's Cultural Association, Marathokambos Friends Cultural Association, Ormos Marathokambou Cultural Association, Koumaiika Cultural Association, Skouraiika Cultural Association, Kallithea Cultural Association "Panagia Makrini", Pythagoreio Cultural Center, Pythagoreio Cultural Association "Lykourgos", Chora Cultural and Educational Association "Eirini", Pagonda Cultural Association "Omonoia", Pyrgos Cultural Association "Kyveli", Spatharaioi Cultural Association "To metochi", Heraion Women Association, Kastaniotes Educational-Cultural Association, Samos Environmental Movement

Conferences: Philosophy Conference of the University of Athens at Pythagoreio every year

Festivals: "Manoliis Kalomoiris" festival every year (July-September), Cultural Events of the Municipality of Pythagoreio "Ta Heraia", Festival for the Mediterranean documentary at N. Demetriou Cultural Foundation, Cultural Week "Giannis Ritsos" by the University of the Aegean, "Karlovasia" at Karlovasi every year (July-September), Marathokambos Cultural August

Religious feasts: On St Marina's day at Vourliotes (July 17th), On Prophet Elias' day at Arvanites, Stavrinides, Karlovasi and Marathokambos (July 20th), On St Paraskevi's day at Chora and at Marathokambos (July 26th), On St Panteleimon's day at Kokkari, at Tourlaious, at Koumaradaious and at Kambos Marathokambou (July 27th), Transfigiration of the Saviour at Pythagoreio and at Koumaiika (August 6th), Dormition of Virgin Mary at Platanos, at Pyrgos, at Chora, at Mytilinioi, at Kontakaiika and at Kallithea (August 15th), Holy Cross at Mavratzaioi (September 14th), Feast of St John Karydas at Ambelos, On St Demetrios' day at Arvanites and at Kontakaiika (October 26th), Feast of Taxiarches at Spatharaioi and at Neochori (November 8th), Feast of the Presentation-Panagias Spilianis at Pythagoreio (November 21st), On St Nicola's day at Pythagoreio and at Chora (December 6th), On St George's day at Palaiokastro and at Mavratzaioi (April 23d), Zoodochos Pigi at Manolates and at Vathy (April 13th), On St Makarios' day at Myloi (June 26th), Feast of the Assumption at Samiopoula, On St Constantine's and St Helen's day at Drakaioi (May 21st), Holy Trinity at Mytilinoi, at Pagondas and at Marathokambos (May 28th), Agioi Pantes at Marathokambos (June 3d)

Sport Clubs: A.M.E.S. "Anatoli", Mytilinioi Sport-Educational Club "Foinix", Sport Club "Vathy Samou", Sport Club "Lykourgos", Mesaria Sport Club, Sport Club "Polykratis", Hydrousa Sport Club "Kerketeus', Sport Cycling Club "Ionikos", Pyrgos Sport-Cultural Club "Amfilysos", Sport Club "Anagennisi Samou", Sport Club "Elpida Samou", Sport Club 'Karlovasi", Sport Club "Kerkis Marathokambou", Sport Club "Pansamiakos Samou", Spatharaioi Sport Club "Spatharaki Samou", Chora Samou Sport Club "Lailaps", Sport-Cultural Club "Aristarchos", Sport-Educational-Cultural Club "Anatoli", Sport-Cultural Club "Pythagoras", Kontaiika Sport-Cultural Club, Platanos Sport-Cultural Club, Samos Cultural-Educational-Sport Club "Kouros", Greek Rescue Team at Karlovasi




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