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      Χίος (3/5/2006 v.1) Chios (14/12/2009 v.1)

Author(s) : Sarantakou Efi , Misailidou Anna , Beneki Eleni , Warlas Michael (20/4/2005)
Translation : Daskalaki Photini , Papadaki Irene , Dovletis Onoufrios , Panourgia Klio

For citation: Sarantakou Efi, Misailidou Anna, Beneki Eleni, Warlas Michael, "Chios",
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General Information

Area: 842.796 km2

Coastline length: 229 km2

Population: 51,936

Island capital and its population: Chios, 23,779

Administrative structure: Region of North Aegean, Prefecture of Chios, Municipality of Chios (capital: Chios, 23,779), municipality of Agios Minas (capital: Thimiana, 1,491), Municipality of Amani (capital: Volissos, 417), Municipality of Ionia (capital: Kallimasia, 930), Municipality of Kampochoria (capital: Halkio, 867), Municipality of Kardamila (capital: Kardamila, 776), Municipality of Mastichochoria (capital: Pirgi, 1,044), Municipality of Omiroupoli (capital: Vrontado, 4,554).

Local newspapers: Sinchronos Logos, Gnomi tis Chiou, Chiotiki Diafania, Chiahtida, Proodos, Alithia, Mirovolos, Dimokratiki, Politis.

Local radio stations: Chios FM (87.5 and 97.8), Chiaki Foni (89.9, 90.2 and 91.9), Pirate FM (91.0 and 91.4), RS Simantron (93.1 and 93.3), Radio Alithia (95.7), Canali Delta (96.3 and 96.7), Top FM (98.9), Radio Patrida (99.3), Christianismos (99.9), Dimokratiki FM (101.0), Entehnos FM (101.2), Groovy Station (102.2), Fititikos Radiostathmos (102.7), Radio Kivotos (104.7), Antenna Aegeou – Chios B’ Program (105.0), Studio A2 (105.4), Mousiko Diktio Chiou (107.40), Radio Masticha (107.7), A’ program Chiou (108.0).

Local TV stations: Alithia TV, Chios TV, Patrida TV.

Museums: Giustiniani Palace, Nea Moni Museum, Archaeological Museum, Chios Byzantine Museum (Mecidiye Camii), Chios Maritime Museum, Korais Library and Argenti Folklore Museum, Public Art Gallery, Folkloric Museum of High School of Kallimasia.

Archaelogical sites and monuments: Daskalopetra (Teacher’s Stone), Prehistoric Emporio, Nea Moni, Phana, Castle of Chios, Paleochristian Basilika of St. Isidoros, National Bank of Greece, Agio Gala Cave, Koila, Delphini, Drakospilos, Nagos, Rimokastro, St. Matrona Monastery, St. Georgios Castle, St. Georgios Sikousis, Anavatos, Apolichnon Castle, Castle of Kambia, Castle of Volissos, Giustiniani Palace, Monastery of Sts. Apostoli at Pirgi, Kournas Monastery at Karyes, Mesta, Olympi, Pamegiston Taxiarchon Monastery at Nenita, Pirgi, Vessa, Panagia Agrelopou at Kalamoti, PanagiaKrina at Vavili, Panagia Sikelia at Didimes, Vigles, St. Minas Monastery at Neochori, Moudnon Monastery at Diefha, St. Anargiri Monastery at Thimiana, Panagia Plakidiotissa Monastery at Kallimasia, St. Georgios Prastion, St. Markella Monastery, Kampos, Neoclassic buildings and fountains in the city of Chios, Zoodochos Pigi Monastery at Armolia, Mosque in the city of Chios, Mirsinidou Monastery at Vrontado, Panagia Voethia Nunnery at the city of Chios, Pera Panagia Monastery at Kardamila, Sts. Constantinos and Eleni Nunnery at Karfa, St. Georgios Monastery at Pirgi.

Traditional settlements: Agio Gala, Anavatos, Armolia, Avgonima, Vavili, Ververato, Vessa, Volissos, Diefha, Elata, Tholopotami, Thimiana, Kalamoti, Kallimasia, Kambia, area of Kampos, Kardamila, Mesta, Olympi, Pirgi, Chalkio.

Natural monuments: Agiogalousena Cave, Caveat Olympi. North Chios is part of "NATURA 2000", an ecological network of protected areas in the territory of the European Union, and it is considered an Important Bird Area of Greece.

Cultural clubs: Pan-Chian Association "Korais", Progressive Association of Kardamila, Chios Art-Lovers Association, Chios Cine-Club, Progressive Association of Kourounies "Agios Ioannis Theologos", Cultural Association of Mermigi, Progressive Association of Vrontado, Vrontados Improving Refining an Sociable Union, Friends of "Koraes" Public Library of Chios, Cultural and Educational Association of Sidirounta, Cultural Association of Mesta, Progressive Association of Kalamoti, Cultural Association of Olympi, Ecology and Environment Association of Chios, Cultural Association of Sikiada, Educational Cultural Association of Nenita "Vokaria", Cultural Association of Lithio, Educational Cultural association of Vasileoniko, Educational Cultural Association of Potamia "Agios Antonios kai Agioi Anargiroi", Cultural Association of Piramouses "Agios Ioannis Prodromos", Educational Association of Agios Georgios Sikousis, Cultural - Embellishing Association of Kipouries "Agios Panteleimonas", Educational Association of Agios Ioannis Vounou, Embellishing Cultural Association of Diefha, Cultural Association of Spartounta "Prophitis Ilias", Cultural Association of Sidirounta, Cultural Association of Tholopotami "Anagennisi", Educational Association of Varvasi - Pharos Library, Progressive Cultural Association of Vrontado.

Conferences: Medical - Philosophical Conference "Aegean Days" (July)

Events: Agrotourism festival every August in the city of Chios

Festivals: Festival - Meeting of Aegean Amateur Theatre Groups at Chios,"Avlea" Festival at the Homerion Cultural Center of Chios Municipality.

Religious feasts: On St. Ioannis' day at Kourounia (May 8th and September 26th), on St. Peter's day at Tholopotami (June 29th and 30th), on St. Kiriaki's day at Kalamoti (July 7th), on St. Marina's day at Mermigi (July 16th), of Prophitis Ilias at Agios Georgios Sikousis (July 20th), on St. Markella's day at St. Markella's Monastery (July 22th), on St. Paraskevi's day at Kalamoti and Parparia (July 26th), on St. Panteleimon's day at Vasileoniko, at Kipouries and Agios Georgios Sikousis (July 27th), on the day of the Transfiguration of Christ at Vasileoniko and Agios Georgios Sikousis (August 6), on Virgin Mary's day at Pirgi, Evreti, Troulloti, Farkena, Vessa, Erithriani of Vrontado, Volisso, Tholopotami, Kallimasia, Kampos, Karies, Latomi, Mesa Didima, Nenita, Pispilounta, Chalkio, Panagia Pagousena and Viki (August 15th), of Panagia Phaneromeni at Pitios, on St. Polikarpos' day at Kampos (February 23th).

Sport clubs: Shotokan Karate Chios, Kampochoria Sport Club "Appolon", Sport Club "Olympiada Chiou", "Adamastos Chiou", Kalamoti Chiou Sport Club, Football Club "Atromitos Agiou Georgiou", Sport Club "Astrapi", Students of the School of Business of the University of the Aegean Sport Club, Sport Club of Aegean, Sport Club "Atlas Neochoriou", Sport Club "Leon Aphrodision Chiou", Pirgi Sport Club "Pirgos", Nenita Sport and Football Club "Kanaris", Sport and Football Club "Iraklis Thimianon", Sport Club "Aris Kampou", Sport Club "Asteras Fragovouniou", Sport Club "Atromitos Kataraktou", Sport Club "Efivos Kampou Chiou", Lagada - Sikiada Sport Club "Enosi", Bowling Club, Chios Sport Club "Apollon", Sport Club "Varvasiakos", Livadi Sport Club "Vourios", Vrontados Sport Club, Sport Club "Panchiakos Chiou", Municipal Sport Club of Kampochoria "D.A.O.K.", Farkena and Kontari Cultural and Sport Club, Kardamila Sports - Fans Association "Pseidon", Kofina Embellishing - Cultural Sport Association "Sifi Chiou", Municipality of Ionia Sport Club "Ionikos", Educational - Sports Association "Omiros Kallimasias", Thimiana Sailing Club, Chios Sailing Club, Football - Sport Club of Classic and Mini Soccer, Football - Sport Club of Pitia, Football Club "Doxa", Football Club "Dafni", Football Club "Ifestos Chiou", Parents and Friends of 97 Football Academy, "Nireas Kardamilon Chiou" Association, Kampochoria Chiou Sports - Fan Club, Progressive Association of Vrontado, "Chios" Sport - Cultural Association, Chian Bridge Club.




1. Position- environment

1.1. Geographic division

1.2. Geology

1.3. Morphology

1.3.1. Caves of Chios

1.4. Shape, coasts and beaches

1.5. Climate

1.6. Flora

1.7. Fauna

2. History

2.1. Prehistory – Antiquity

2.2. Byzantine period – Genoan occupation

2.3. Ottoman period

2.3.1. 19th c.

2.4. 20th century

2.5. The Destruction of Chios

2.6. Refugees in Chios

2.7. Commerce and Chian diaspora

3. Archaeological sites and monuments

3.1. Castle of Chios

3.2. Emporio

3.2.1. The archaic settlement and the temple

3.2.2. The citadel

3.3. Volissos

3.4. Anavatos

3.5. Daskalopetra (Teacher’s Stone)

3.6. Nea Moni

3.6.1. The construction of Nea Moni and the set-up of monastic life

3.6.2. Architecture and decoration

3.6.3. Additions and damages

3.6.4. Nea Moni as an architectural and social examble

3.6.5. Nea Moni’s economy

3.6.6. From a monastery to a cultural shrine

3.6.7. The monasteries’ zones of influence

3.7. Other temples

4. Architecture

4.1. In general

4.2. The medieval villages of south Chios

4.3. The city of Chios and Kampos

4.4. North Chios

4.5. Chios’ architecture after the Ottoman occupation

4.6. Medieval Mastichochoria

5. Museums

5.1. Archaeological Museum

5.2. Chios Byzantine Museum (Mecitiye Camii)

5.3. Korais Library – Folclore Museum – Argenti Gallery

5.4. Chios Maritime Museum

5.5. Museum of Natural History and Physics at the 1st High School of Chios

5.6. Chios Public Art Gallery

5.7. Museum of Nikos Gialouris

6. Homerion Cultural Center

7. Folk culture - folk art

7.1. Pottery

7.2. Woodcarving - sculpture

7.3. Religion - tradition

7.4. Happenings

8. Chios’ saints

8.1. St. Markella

8.2. St. Isidoros and Chios’ mastic

9. Chian shipping

10. Mastic

10.1. Mastic's biology-geography

10.2. Production process- time

10.3. Chios Mastiha Growers Association and mastic companies' development

10.4. Products and uses

10.5. History of mastic and its consumption: a pendulum between East and West

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