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      Λέσβος (3/5/2006 v.1) Lesvos (3/5/2006 v.1)

Author(s) : Argiri Anna-Magdalene , Sarantakou Efi , Mavroidi Maria , Bazini Eleni , Salvanou Aimilia (25/6/2005)
Translation : Papadaki Irene , Dovletis Onoufrios , Velentzas Georgios (10/11/2006)

For citation: Argiri Anna-Magdalene, Sarantakou Efi, Mavroidi Maria, Bazini Eleni, Salvanou Aimilia, "Lesvos", 2006,
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General Information

Area: 1.636 km2

Coastline length: 382 km

Population: 90.643

Island capital and its population: Mytilene (27.247)

Administrative structure: Region of North Aegean, Prefecture of Lesvos, Municipality of Mytilene (Capital: Mytilene, 27.247), Municipality of Agia Paraskevi (Capital: Agia Paraskevi, 2.268), Municipality of Agiasos (Capital: Agiasos, 2.498), Municipality of Gera (Capital: Pappados, 1510), Municipality of Eresos-Antissa (Capital: Eresos, 1.097), Municipality of Evergetoula (Capital: Sykounta, 346), Municipality of Kalloni (Capital: Kalloni, 1.732), Municipality of Loutropoli-Thermi (Capital: Loutropoli-Thermi, 912), Municipality of Mantamados (Capital: Mantamados, 1156), Municipality of Methymna (Capital: Methymna, 1.497), Municipality of Petra (Capital: Petra, 1.246), Municipality of Plomari (Capital: Plomari, 3.377), Municipality of Polichnitos (Capital: Polichnitos, 2.763)

Local newspapers: "Embros", "Politika", "Kyriakatika Aiolika", "Aiolika Nea", "Dimokratis Mytilinis", "Nea Poreia", "Kyriakatiki Lesvos", "Neo Embros", "Foni tis Lesvou", "Rhegma", "To Vima dialogou tis Geras"

Local radio stations: Archipelagos (87.6), Sky FM (88.2 and 107.7), Best FM (98.1), Aegean Ε.RΑ. (99.4, 103.0 and 104.4), Kiss FM (101.3), Radio City (102.5), Radio Kalloni (106.2), Radio Gera (102.5, 91.4 and 105.9)

Local TV stations: Lesvos Television, TV Mytilene, TVA

Museums: Archaeological Museum of Mytilene, Modern Archaeological Museum of Mytilene, Museum of Works by Theofilos, TERIADE Museum, Mytilene's Public Art Gallery, Mytilene's Folklore Museum, Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Museum of Mytilene, Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Fossilized Forest at Sigri, Eresos Archaeological Collection, Methymna Archaeological Collection, Nape Archaeological Collection, Old Lesbian House, Vryssa Collection of Natural History, Vrana oil press - Museum of of the non-profit Archipelagos Society at Pappados

Archaeological sites and monuments: Fortress of Mytilene, Fortress of Sigri, Agios Fokas, Ancient acropolis of Eresos, Methymna, Fortress of Methymna, Ancient Theatre of Mytilene, Sanctuaries at Klopedi, Sanctuary at Mesa, Roman aqueduct at Moria, Early Christian Basilicas of St Andreas and Afendelli, Monastery of Panagia Myrsiniotissa, Monastery of Leimon (Moni Leimonos), Monastery of Panagia at Agiasos, Monastery of Taxiarches at Mantamados, Monastery of Perivoli, Monastery of Ypsilos, Pithariou Monastery, Yeni Tzami (Mosque), Market Bath (Ҫarşi hamam), Mansions at Mytilene, Archaeological site of Manna, Church of St. Ermolaos at Palaiokipos, Church of St. Vlasios at Plakados

Traditional settlements: Agiasos, Asomatos, Vatousa, Eresos, Mantamados, Methymna, Petra, Plomari, Polichnitos, Sigri, Sykamia

Natural monuments: Fossilized Forest of Lesvos. Many island's regions have been included in the European network "NATURA 2000". The south-east part of the island, Lepetymnos mountain, Geras bay, Elli Ntipi, Haramida, Olympos mountain and Kalloni bay have been declared Important Bird Areas of Greece

Cultural clubs: Anagnostirio of Agiasos "Anaptiksi", Cultural Association "Anagennisis" at Pigi, Cultural Association "Arion", Cultural and Sport Association "Association of Filia", Cultural Association of Skala Loutron "Delfini", Society for the Study of Aeolia, Cultural Club "Association of Skoutaros", Lesbian Group of Amnesty International, Aegean Pedagogic Group "Miltos Koundouras", Association of Women of Lesvos, Philatelic Society of Lesvos, Photographic Society of Mytilene, Lesvos Cine-Club, Association of "Kafelogioi of Mytilene", Association of Friends of Art of Mytiilene, Theatre Group "Bourini", Theatre Group "Astegi", Environmentall-Cultural Association of Mytilene "Environment and Life Quality", Mantamados Anagnostirio "Proodos", Mytilene Anagnostirio "Pittakos", Plomari Anagnostirio "Veniamin Lesvios", Asia Minor Association at Skala Loutron "Delfini", Cultural Association of Gera’s people, Mytilini’s Cultural Association of Gera’s people, “EIRINI” Cultural Association of Messagros, Cultural Association of Palaiokipos, Cultural Association of Perama, "MILTOS KOUNTOURAS" Cultural Association of Skopelos, Cultural and Sport Club of Taxiarches

Events: Equestrian Games at Plomari in July, Cultural events at Methymna in July, Ouzo Festival at Mytilene in August, Octopus Feast at Nees Kydonies (August 2), Cultural events at Eresos during the first two weeks of August, Reunion Day at Kalloni (August 16th), "Fourneli" at Polichnitos in August, Sardine Feast at Skala Kallonis in August, Cultural events at Sykamia in August, Cultural events at Methymna in August, Cultural events at Mytilene in the summer, Cultural events at Moria in the summer, Fishing nights at Plomari in the summer, Cine nights at Mytilene, Agrotourism feast at the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Fossilized Forest, Gera’s Summer Festival

Festivals: Kalloni Festival in August, "Veniaminia" at Plomari in August

Religious feasts: On St Barbara's day at Pamphila (December 4th), On St Savva's day at Pamphila (December 5th), On St Nicola's day at Petra, at Pamphila, at Papiana, at Plomari and at Eresos (December 6th), Feast of Purification at Plagia (February 2d), On St Charalambos' day at Keramia, at Pigi, at Mantamando, at Nape and at Komi (February 10th), On St Spyridon's day at Eresos (February 12th), On St Theodore's day at Mytilene (February 17th), Annunciation at Palaiochori (March 25th), On St Rahpael's day at Thermi on Easter's Tuesday, Zoodochos Pege at Agia Paraskevi on Easter's Friday, On St George's day at Eresos, at Polichnitos, at Vrissa, at Mesotopos, at Kapi, at Pigi, at Keramia, at Skoutaros, at Loutra, at Sigri, at Filia, at Thermi (April 23d), Panagias Kriftis at Palaiochori, On St Akindinon's day at Mistegna (4th Sunday after Easter), On St John's day at the Monastery of Ypsilos and at Nape (May 8th), On St Fotini's day at Sykamia and at Sykounda (May 9th), On St Constantine's day at Vrissa, at Thermi, at Mesotopos, at Skopelos, at Sykounta (St Helen's) and at Neochori (May 21st), Feast at the Monastery of Taxiarches at Mantamandos on second Sunday after Easter, St Charalambos' or "Tavros"' feast at Agia Paraskevi (June 1st), On St Vartholomeos' day at Taxiarches (June 11th), On St John "Kledon"'s day at Sigri (June 24th), On St Apostle's day at Akrasi (June 30th), On St Anargiri's day at Arisvi and at Asomatos (July 1st), On St Andreas' day at Eresos (July 4th), On St Prokopios' day at Ippio (July 8th), On St Khryka's day at Skala Sykamias and at Kleiou (July 15th), On St Marina's day at Arisvi, at Chidira, at Mesotopos, at Ypsilometopo, at Kato Trito and at Pappados (July 17th), On Prophet Elias' day at Agiasos, at Eresos, at Plomari, at Mantamado, at Vrissa, at Pelope and at Lafiona (July 21st), At St Magdalene's day at Skopelos (July 22d), On St Anna's day at Skala Kallonis (July 25th), On St Hermolaos' day at Paliokipos (July 26th), On St Paraskevi's day at Plomari, at Vrissa, at Hidera, at Pigi and at Akrasi (July 26th), On St Panteleimon's day at Eresos, at Gavatha, at Perama, at Skoutaros and at Plomari (July 27th), On St Stefanos' day at Mantamado (August 2d), Transfiguration of the Saviour at Eresos, at Kleious and at Anemotia (August 6th), Annunciation at Antissa (August 6th), Dormition of Virgin Mary at Agiasos, at Eresos, at Petra, at Vatousa, at Kape, at Lepetimnos, at Megalochori, at Skala Sykamias, at Hidera, at Skoutaros and at Akrasi (August 15th), On St Eustathios' day at Ampeliko (August 20th), Feast on the 9th day from Virgin Mary's ascension at Agia Paraskevi, at Stypsi and at Antissa (August 23d), On the eve of the Decapitation of St John at Molyvos, at Palaiochori and at Lisvori (August 29th), On St Ignatius' day at the Monastery of Leimon (October 14th), On St Demetrius' day at Agiasos, at Mesotopos, at Mychou and at Moria (October 26th), On Taxiarches' day at Asomatos, at Papados, at Sykamia, at Taxiarches and at Vatousa (November 8th), Feast of the Presentation at Antissa, at Vasilika, at Mesotopos and at Thermi (November 21st), On St Isidoros' day at Akrasi

Sport clubs: A.E.P.S. "Aeolikos", A.S.A. of Mytilene, Eresos Sport Club, Kontias Sport Union "Philoktetes", Sport-Cultural Club "Niki Mytilinis", Sport-Cultural Club "Agras o Makareas", Sport-Cultural Club "Olympionikis Lesvou", Polichnitos Sport Club "Alkaios", Antissa Sport-Educational Club "Orpheas", Sport-Educational Club "Apollo", Sport-Educational Club "Thanos Lesvou", Sport Club "Arisvaios", Sport Club "Diagoras", Sport Club "Ethnikos Thermis", Sport Club "Anagennisi Geras", “Arion” of Palaiokipos, Poseidon” of Perama, “Papados Geras”, "Olympionikis Geras", "Football Academy" of Gera, Sport Club "Theseus", Sport Club "Kaspakas Lesvou", Mytilene Sport Club, Sport Club "Papanikolis Eresou Lesvou", Plomari Sport Club, Sport ClubPolichnitos Lesvou”, Sport ClubPropontis”, Plomari Sport-Cultural ClubBeniamin”, Sport Club of Mantamados SchoolsO Aiolos”, Sport ClubPoseidon”, “Arionof Mytilene, “Arisvaios”, Sport ClubOlympiada Polichnitou”, Sport Club of Lesvos, Mythimna Sport ClubOlympias Lesvou”, Sport-Football and Cultural Club of PamphilaO Ephevos”, Sport-Football Club Byron Lesvou”, Sport-Football ClubAetos Loutron Lesvou”, Sport ClubIris Mytilinis”, Bridge Club of Lesvos, Nautical-Sport Club of Amateur FishermenO Triton”, Panagiouda Nautical-Sport ClubO Aiolos”, Sport-Cultural ClubAegeus Plomariou”, Sport-Football ClubPallesviakos”, Mytilene Chess Club.




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